Do You Believe In Magic? (Dason AU)

Moving to Sunnydale and opening—or rather, reopening—the magic shop in the small town had been a good business venture. The Hellmouth was a big hot spot for magic—the real deal, and not just the parlor tricks the tourists ate up—and there had been a steady stream of customers since the shop had opened about a month ago.

Today, however, was one of the quieter times. There’d only been one or two customers that afternoon, and Mason decided that now was a good a time as any to try to reorganize the shelf behind the counter. The herbs were in disarray, the jars labeled, but out of any sort of order. How his sister could find anything still amazed him, but he supposed any system was better than none. 

Pulling the jars off the shelf, he began to rearrange them. 

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    He smiled at her and nodded a little.
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    She blushed, not saying anything.